For the love of George

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No more Careless Whispers

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A chance meeting and a whirlwind courtship later here they were- in a fast love. Young, wild and free. Both of them were still exploring life. Jorge was just finding that out now. Kate looked beautiful tonight as she joined him for the local community Christmas do. It would have been cruel to breakup with her just before Christmas. This would be their last Christmas together. Heck, the way he felt, this could be their last dance. As she came up to him, he bent down and let her kiss him.

His heart grew heavier, Baby you are kissing a fool, he thought.

I feel so unsure

As I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor

He laboured throughout the dance with feet that seemed to be made of lead. He couldn’t wait for the band to stop.

As the music dies, something in your eyes

Calls to mind the silver screen

And all its sad good-byes

That’s it, Jorge thought, the dance is done. Now to face the music. I wonder if she has guessed. How would she take it? She always had a lot of faith in them as a couple. While they both gave the other the freedom and space to grow, he was the more mature out of the two. Almost the father figure. Keeping her rooted when she threatened to run riot.

I’m never gonna dance again

Guilty feet have got no rhythm

Though it’s easy to pretend

I know you’re not a fool

Should’ve known better than to cheat a friend

And waste the chance that I’ve been given

So I’m never gonna dance again

The way I danced with you

She wanted to keep dancing, Jorge gently led her back to their table. He sat her down and said in a quiet voice.

“Kate, we need to talk.”

She avoided his gaze and looked down.

“This is my worst fear coming true”, she said, in a small voice.

So, she knew. Jorge felt even more wretched. His legs felt like jelly and his stomach knotted. He felt the air being sucked out of him as he sank into his chair too, face crumbling. It was his moment of truth. How he wished, he had turned a different corner and they had never met. Atleast he wouldn’t have hurt her like this.

Time can never mend

The careless whispers of a good friend

To the heart and mind

Ignorance is kind

There’s no comfort in the truth

Pain is all you’ll find

They both said nothing and stared into space. The rest of the room didn’t matter, their world was coming to an end. How could he tell her that after all he did, he still loved her?

She was looking so miserable he felt like taking her in his arms in the deep hug which she said always calmed her soul.

But not tonight. Tonight he could not heal the pain.

Tonight the music seems so loud

I wish that we could lose this crowd

Maybe it’s better this way

We’d hurt each other with the things we’d want to say

Then she stood up, wiping her tears and looking at him. He stood up too. Without saying anything they went outside. He couldn’t even hope for one more try, it would just prolong the misery. No point in praying for time. This was it.

We could have been so good together

We could have lived this dance forever

But now who’s gonna dance with me

Please stay

“Katie. I’ve been cheating on you. But please understand that through it all, you have been loved deeply.”

Kate looked stunned for a bit and then relieved. She then rushed into his arms and burst inconsolably into tears. She furiously pulled out his tie, undid his shirt buttons and burrowed into his hairy chest. Her happy place.

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Oh honey, I thought you found out about my fling with Freddie. I’m so sorry. I understand that my wildness must have driven you to another girl. Who was it? Helen? Jane? It doesn’t matter since these were just indiscretions, we’re better than that! Aren’t we honey?”

She spoke to him like an angel of mercy, wait no. Like Jesus to a child. She held him close. He could feel her heartbeat against his own. He should have been relieved but no. His indiscretion was worse. Heck it was a downright sin.

He extricated her from her clinch as gently as he could.

“Look at me baby. And understand that I loved you whenever I said I did. Nothing I did should diminish that.”

She nodded readily. “I know sweetie, we were both wrong. But this is not gonna come between us. We are just gonna be amazing together again. This little thing is not gonna hurt us. Can’t shoot the dog just because the tail wagged, can we?”

“No Katie, listen. I did not cheat on you with either Helen or Jane. I’ve been with Phillip actually.”

Katie pushed him away horrified.

“What the hell Jorge! You’ve been sleeping with Phillip? That’s gross. Heck you’ve been friends with him a long time. How long have you been shagging him? Wait, never mind. Don’t tell me. This is so demeaning. Like a bad dream. Unfortunately no one can wake me up from this nightmare. I hate you Jorge. Hope you find peace cuz you’ve destroyed mine. Don’t call me. Ever.” And just like that Kate stomped off.

Now that you’re gone

was what I did so wrong, so wrong?

That you had to leave me alone?

Just as she reached the gate, Kate stopped and then marched back to where he stood. Her eyes were blazing and she had that look on her face that she took when she was really mad.

“I don’t think I said bye properly,” she said with a smirk.” So ‘bye Jorge. I mean B-I Bi!”

She had to slay him with the pun and she walked off with a spring in her step. She was already thinking of her breakup tweet she was gonna post and shame him.

My boyfriend came out last night. Bi Bi baby.

PS: I’m a huge George Michael fan. How many of his song titles, apart from Careless Whispers, can you find hidden in the story above?



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